How mobile apps are made and why they are so popular

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How mobile apps are made and why they are so popular

With mobile phones expected to account for 45% of all business activity by 2021, there is no doubt that capitalizing on mobile phone markets is imperative. Historically, this has led to advanced web apps that have made web browsing extremely enjoyable for phone users.

How do apps affect internet usage?
In order to make it even more convenient for the user, the companies considered that presence required applications for mobile phones. Companies like Airbnb, Uber and Careem exist exclusively in the field of mobile apps and generate enormous sales worldwide.

apps won’t be trending any time soon, but they are. In 2018 alone, the number of downloaded mobile apps was 197 billion, which confirms this once again. Perhaps the fact that the application development process has now progressed rapidly using methods such as Agile Methodology, Rapid Application Development Methodology, and Waterfall Methodology contributes to this huge dependency.

How to create a successful mobile application?
The real question, however, is how to create a successful mobile application. Here are some tips for creating a successful mobile app:

target group analysis:

Why is a target group analysis necessary for the technical development of mobile applications? There are always different trends in this field and lack of understanding of these trends is the main reason for the failure of most organizations. One of the most visible industry trends is the Android operating system. About 80% of all smartphones sold are Android platforms and only the remaining 20% ​​are iOS. So, it becomes clear that if you want a successful application with the maximum number of downloads, you must meet Android’s requirements. However, if you want to go even further, it is much more important to develop a cross-platform application that conquers the entire market.

Cutting-edge application design and user experience
The success of any application development project depends on the quality of the user experience. The best way to ensure product success is to start with user research and design.

Here are some tips for developing successful apps that focus on app design and user experience:

Start with a general idea or problem, and then write down all the possible solutions, features, and functions so you have a complete picture before you start designing.

Do user research and interviews before you even start designing. This will help you understand in detail what people expect from your product.

Make sure team members work well together by sharing ideas, brainstorming, and getting feedback from each other during the ideation process.

native iOS apps vs Android apps vs Cross-platform apps
The mobile application market is growing and offers many types of applications. There are native iOS apps, Android apps, and cross-platform apps.

Native applications are typically developed for a specific operating system. They are based on the native design and functionality of the platform. However, cross-platform apps can be created for multiple devices using cross-platform development tools.

native iOS apps vs. native Android apps:
native iOS applications are designed specifically for the Apple iOS operating system. Native Android apps are designed specifically for the Google Android operating system.

cross-platform apps:
‘s cross-platform development tools allow developers to create apps that run on iOS and Android platforms, as well as other platforms such as Windows, macOS, Roku and more.

Many elements of application development are reasonable, but most are not. The most helpful tip is to make sure you have a plan before you start developing your app. Perhaps many aspects fall into areas for which there is no definitive answer, but audience analysis can almost always solve these problems.