How to attract visitors to your websites

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How to attract visitors to your websites

1. Download WordPress blogging software, available for free at An alternative is to use In this PDF file I have included instructions for setting up a Blogger blog on my server:

2.3. Using the above strategy, you can also include your affiliate links to pre-sell your affiliate products. The more traffic you drive to your affiliate seller’s website or sales page, the more likely you are to make a successful sale and earn higher commissions.

4. Blog links are one-way, meaning they are one-way links to your websites. The more traffic a one-way link generates, the more visible it becomes in online search results. Be sure to avoid networking! Do not link to your blog on your website. Search engines hate reciprocal links.

5.80% of your traffic comes from search engines. You need to improve your blog to attract the attention of search engine bots. Blogs are now optimized for search engines. However, there is a very good chance that you can compete with other blogs on the same topic. You need to be sure that your blog, once submitted, can outperform your competitors in search engine rankings. One way to do this is to match the title of your article to the key phrases you are targeting and also include a portion of that key phrase in the article itself. I do it with excellent results.

6. Check your blog offline. It should be as readable and easy to navigate as possible for potential readers. Search engines love regularly updated content, so publishing new posts will significantly increase your blog’s ranking and therefore traffic to your main website.

9. Accepting links from other related blogs also drives traffic to your site from sources other than search engines. The way the blog is designed helps create a community of blogging sites that provides an additional flow of visitors.