How to Be Well Liked at Work

Almost 70% of employees are actively demotivated. And 58% of people trust strangers more than their boss.

In an ever-changing world, good leaders are hard to find.

A big part of leadership is the ability to connect with others. You can be great at your job, but you won’t get that promotion if nobody respects you.You must be wondering how people like work. Here are some starting points.

Develop your strengths Are you a visionary? Do you have great organizational skills?Make sure the people around you know your strengths and are doing more of what you are good at. While it’s important to grow in areas where you don’t initially show potential, you still want to be recognized as a solid professional.

Ask How You Can Help If you have more time each day, ask your boss or co-workers how you can help them. This shows that you are committed to being a productive member of the team.

Ask how you can do a favor and don’t be afraid to reach out if you see something needs to be done. Seeking advice from superiors will flatter them and demonstrate their commitment to improvement and excellence. Even if your questions shouldn’t reveal complete ignorance in certain areas, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for new ideas. Find out how to improve your skills.

Control Your Emotions that find an outlet in personal relationships are often inappropriate in the workplace. If you feel offended or overwhelmed, resist the urge to gossip or complain about your situation.

You will depress everyone around you if you talk about the negative aspects of your job. Instead, try to find a middle ground with every problem.You want people to see you as someone who inspires them.

Smile a lot to instill confidence and hope. If you’re feeling really down, ask a colleague to distract you with a story or focus on what you can do to help someone in a worse situation.