How to Become a Better Player

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How to Become a Better Player

We’ve all heard that the casino always wins. If they weren’t, they would be out of business at least generally! But in almost any game that can turn the tide in a casino, blackjack could trump it as well.

The problem is that while the game is easy to understand, it’s not easy to master. Learning how to win at blackjack takes time and a sharp mind.

So where to start? Practice blackjack, of course! Share with us expert advice on how to get the edge you need to win big.

Tip 1: Know the Rules and Variants
Listen, if money doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, at least learn the rules of the games you play. Playing blackjack correctly requires at least an understanding of things like splitting and insurance.If you’re a casual player, these rules may not come up very often, but they are very important if you want to master the game.

If you really want to become a blackjack master, learn all the rules, including all variations, by heart offered by the casinos you want to visit. This isn’t very exciting or glamorous advice, but it’s probably the most important. A gambling professional must be aware of all the options available to him at all times.

Tip 2: Insurance is a bad bet
Now that you know the rules by heart, you might have stumbled upon an interesting fact: insurance is a bad bet.

Unless perhaps you’re a master card counter or downright cheater (and they are different, even if both can get you ejected), the simple truth is that the dealer is going to have blackjack less than a third of the time.

To condense some of the math of the situation, insurance bets mean you are going to lose money, on average. And remember, you’re studying and practicing blackjack to win. Real winners know the odds.