How to become a D&D Dungeon Master

Tell me a story. How about a story about dragons and magicians? Add a miniature giant space hamster and sprinkle with halflings. Anyway, cross out the last part. Let’s go with the halflings riding velociraptors!

If you can combine all of these elements into one story, congratulations. You can have everything you need to become a professional Dungeon Master (DM). But why would people pay you to play DM? The answer is that you have a unique ability and there is a demand for it.

Think about how the first comedian landed a paid gig.You must have had the same doubts as you do now. “Would people pay me to tell jokes?” Is not that crazy? You may have started DMing Dungeons and Dragons as a hobby. Now you can live with that.But having a passion for it is not enough. Here are some tips on how to become a paid dungeon master.

How to become a Dungeon Master Step 1: Master your craft No, we’re not talking about encyclopedic knowledge of DnD. You don’t need to know the stats of the most unknown creature in the Monster Guide. Although it helps to know your deal against a player who sticks by the rules.

But more important than knowing the player’s handbook or the various source books is how you build your story. You are a master blacksmith shaping history. As you know, a DnD session is different from any other traditional game. While the rules are intended to provide structure, you and your players are not bound by them.

DnD is the ultimate open-world role-playing game.It’s up to you to decide if players will be able to take full advantage of it.

This is the part where it gets complicated. Your players have certain expectations from the game that may affect how you choose to tell the story.

You want them to feel powerful in game, but you can’t limit yourself to providing legendary artifacts or epic spells left and right.

Finding this balance is the key to good MS. You need to know how to resolve a dispute. You certainly have your DM duties, but you also want everyone to have a good time.

They paid you for it. And it will keep them coming back for more.