How to Become an Aquarist in the US

Testing water quality is essential for the fish, coral and all animals that live in an aquarium. As an aquarist you need to check your water for things like pH, temperature, ammonia and nitrates.

Part of this process would be to ensure that all pumps and filters are working properly. The reef tank cleaning crew spends their time cleaning your tank and removing algae.

When you work as an aquarist, you are part of a team that works together to ensure that all aspects of aquaristics are in good working order.You will share your passion for life at sea and enjoy doing something different every day.

How to become an aquarist in the US
Do you think you would like this job? Becoming an aquarist means having the ability to feed marine life and learning about the science behind aquariums.

If you are wondering how to become an aquarist, here are a few steps to follow. This career requires basic knowledge and experience related to marine life.

Get a Bachelor of Science To understand the needs of aquatic animals, you must study marine biology, zoology, or aquaculture. Some aquarists also study in other related fields such as environmental engineering or veterinary medicine.

At school you will learn how to monitor water quality and provide medical care to animals. You’ll also learn which species thrive together and which don’t.

This knowledge will help you understand how best to interact with armored creatures. Finally, if you’re working for a growing zoo, a fish farming degree will also give you the knowledge you need to design a healthy aquarium.

Get Your Scuba Certification and Your CPR Certification The next step in becoming an aquarist is to get your scuba certification and your CPR certification. This is also a step you can take as you work on your BAS.