How to Convert XML to PDF:
A Simple Guide Perhaps your company has large databases and you need to convert them to a readable format, or you want to batch generate procurement documents for customers. You can do it quickly by converting XML to PDF! If you’re not sure what that means, don’t worry. By the end of this article, you will understand XML files, PDF files, and how to convert XML to PDF.

What is an XML file? XML is a markup language used to encode documents that can be read by both computer programs and humans. Developed by the W3C, the same group that maintains the HTML standard, XML is extensible. What does it mean ? XML, an extensible markup language, uses bracket tags just like HTML, but these tags are completely user-defined and self-defining.

The potential is unlimited as long as another machine or program knows how to read and process it. For example, customer information in an XML database could be expressed as: John

You only need a simple text editor to create XML files, but you can also view them in a web browser or manage them with an online editor. Various programs can also export data to XML files. XML can function as a database, but also more. It can define the whole structure of the document. For example, Microsoft Office uses XML to support structure.

docx documents. This means that XML can generate menus, customer lists, invoices, purchase orders, etc. By exporting information from your company’s systems to XML, you can create lightweight and custom databases, templates and documents.