How to Convert Your Website to AdSense Ads?

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How to Convert Your Website to AdSense Ads?

If you are using Google AdSense or any other program to monetize your website, it is time to learn the secrets of getting high Click-Through Rates and therefore more money from your website. You can increase your income effectively if you keep the following points in mind.


• AdSense cannot display images without captions, alt attribute values ​​in the img tag, and surrounding text; so keep visuals to a minimum. If you must use images, use appropriate captions and alt attributes.

• In order to receive relevant ads, one of your pages must have the same content. Separation of papers with different properties.

• Choose your keywords carefully. Some keywords have higher CPC.

Page size

• Make sure you only have the right content on your page.

• If you have a lot of content on a particular topic, keep the pages short, as more content spread across smaller pages will create more pages. More pages means more ad space and more revenue.

• However, keep in mind that unnecessary content spread over more than one page may disturb the audience. Therefore, choose carefully to publish the same type of content on different pages. If there is a common break in the content or the title of a paragraph changes, the content may span different pages.

• Consider the width of the page. It works for people who keep their screen size to 800×600 or lower. Avoid circular requirements whenever possible.