How to Create an Awesome Blog for Charity

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How to Create an Awesome Blog for Charity

Did you know that charitable giving increased 5.4% to a record $358.4 billion in 2015, according to Giving USA? “Animals and the Environment” leads the way with an increase of over 5% and religion shows the smallest increase with just under 1%.

This means that you are participating in the charity game at the right time. Let’s see how to create an awesome charity blog.

Find a Free Blog As with any charitable activity, it’s important to save money whenever possible. The money saved can be used for other areas of your organization.

Many free blogs are available on the internet. Do a little research and find out how everyone is different. That way, you can make an informed decision about which blogs offer what you need along the way.

Providing an A and B style of communication Most of America’s largest charities maintain a two-way style of communication in the form of blogs.

Daily Running Your blog should update your daily running, long-term, and short-term goals in a conversational manner. In other words, you probably don’t want to title your blog “Our Short and Long Term Goals. “Not very tempting.

But you should make sure your blog includes details on how your charity has used funds donated. Why should donors continue to support your cause?

Supporter Involvement Encourage your supporters to get involved, share ideas and suggestions. Make your blog forum a brainstorming session.

Remember to reply to questions and comments as soon as possible. The first would be best. But make sure it hasn’t been more than 24 hours.

Harness the power of social media As you build your amazing charity blog, you’ll want to make social media your new best friend.

Use Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram. The more social networks there are, the greater the reach.

Share personal stories Don’t create a charity blog just about charity. Also share stories and personal struggles. Build a relationship with your readers by showing your sensitive human side.