How to Deal with the 10 Most Common SMB Sales Objections

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How to Deal with the 10 Most Common SMB Sales Objections – Part I

Prospects generally raise concerns for three specific reasons. Two of them are easy to use. The third mistake usually indicates a fundamental breakdown in the sales process. However, all is not lost, and while most of these can be overcome, it is important to understand why they occurred and ensure that future sales do not fall into the same trap.

Sales Objection Type 1 – Negotiation Tactics.
Assuming the buyer fully recognizes the value your product brings them, some people still need to make a “deal.” Those seeking an agreement may include contractors, professional purchasing departments and government entities.

First you need to get the customer to reconfirm the value they are receiving. This will strengthen your negotiating position. If you confirm that they really need it and truly believe that you have the best solution for them, then you need to do an evaluation. Ultimately, this means you also need to consider the customer’s lifetime value and whether winning a direct negotiation could impact future relationships. Remember, we should always look for a win-win scenario because good customers become long-term partners!

If you feel like you still need to close a deal, try adding something they need to the mix. For what ? Because the discount comes directly from your profit. Providing them with a value-added service not only costs less, but also gives them opportunities to make customers’ lives even better.