How to embed Instagram feeds into your WordPress site

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How to embed Instagram feeds into your WordPress site

Instagram and WordPress are two such websites that provide ample space for an artist to showcase their creativity, especially through a social wall display. Many people use both platforms and can present their art more attractively by combining the results of both platforms. Who wouldn’t want to do that? However, the problem arises in the technical part. Because many people are unsure about how and what methods to embed Instagram feeds on a website.So you can’t get the most out of these three tools. If you have encountered similar problems, here is a guide to help you understand the task and prepare you to present your art more effectively than ever before.

1. Standard web integration:

The easiest and most intuitive way to embed an Instagram photo or video into your WordPress site is to use the embed option.

Have you ever noticed the three-dot symbol that appears in the bottom corner of the comment box under a post? When you click on the icon, you will see two options: 1) “Inappropriate Report” and 2) “Location”.

To embed your post, you must select the Embed option, which will generate an embed code. Copy the generated code and navigate to your WordPress site tab. Now paste the embed code into the text field of your WordPress post and the photo or video you want to embed will appear in the post. The input display size is as large as possible, e.g. Volume. Width 612px. In the same way, when you embed a video, it will appear with a small triangular “Play” icon. You can then post your update and get additional likes and followers.