How to get a customer talking

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How to get a customer talking

Before we can sell our products to our potential customers, we must first understand them and their needs. The best way to do this is to get her talking.

When you approach a potential customer, it can be difficult to get their attention, let alone get them to start a conversation with you.

Most people don’t want to be disturbed. You see a salesperson like the used car salesman or the girl at Macy’s who comes up to you in the aisle and wants to put perfume on you.

Another reason people don’t want to be bothered is because they think they’ll end up wasting their money on something they don’t even need.

If you can convince them, you can find out what they really need and then explain to them what products you have that can meet their needs.

Getting someone to talk to you isn’t as difficult as it seems.

people enjoy talking about their work, their business, their family and their animals.

Believe me, when you visit a customer, introduce yourself and are surprised, say something like this:

Sorry to interrupt, but may I ask what you’re doing?

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, this person will tell you what company they work for and what they do there.

Everyone is proud of what they do and what they should be. Once you’ve figured out what your customer does, ask them to tell you more. Say things like:

“That’s really interesting, how did you get this job?”


“How long have you been working in this industry?”

Now that you’ve spoken to the customer, start doing more research and find out what their needs are.

More importantly, when your customer speaks, listen carefully and look for identifiers that can steer the conversation in a different direction.

When you listen to customer conversations, try to adapt your products to their needs.

After talking to the customer, don’t be discouraged if the sale doesn’t go well. All is not lost, this is actually just the beginning, you have just taken the first steps towards building a customer relationship.

Remember that people like to talk about themselves, their work, their pets, their hobbies, etc.
So ask
, it will put you on the path to more relationships and sales.