How to Improve Your Search Engine Position – Basic SEO

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How to Improve Your Search Engine Position – Basic SEO

I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked that. “Many people ask me how can I increase traffic to my website?

To better cover this topic, I should divide it into categories1. Title label
The title should contain keywords and key phrases that are important to your website. The recommended maximum number of characters for this tag is 60.
When counting characters, note that spaces are also counted. The titles must attract the reader, otherwise the first position will lose many clicks.
For example, “shoes, Nike shoes, best shoes, shoe review” is unlikely to receive a click. What could trigger a click would look like this:
Shoes – Discover the latest models of designer shoes.

2. Description
The maximum number of characters I recommend for this tag is 150.Once again it will be cut off and your website may not rank well in search engines. Try to repeat the key words used in the title in an appropriate sentence and in the third person. Avoid me, me, me, etc.

3. Keywords
keywords. The recommended maximum character count for this tag is 250. Anything larger than this can be considered spam. Focus your keywords on what your website is about.
Don’t think your website will sell if I use other keywords. Targeted marketing is all about keywords.