How to optimize your article for free reprinting

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How to optimize your article for free reprinting

I have been involved in the Internet for some time and offer outsourced services and software. I see many internet marketing techniques on how to increase traffic and get more paying customers, but given my limited budget, only one technique seems to work for me.

So what is this technique?

This technique is called free content article marketing or free reprint article marketing. Essentially, it involves writing an article on topics related to your products/services. The main idea is to keep the quality score of articles at 70% and the value of useful information/advice at 30% of advertising. The 30% indicator applies to your credits or resource box at the end of each article.

Your credit or “About the Author” content is crucial to article marketing. This is the part where you can become an expert in your field, the part where you can ask readers to visit your website, and the part where you can mention what you offer and what you do.

I’ve already written the article, now what? Is your article optimized?

article optimization is always the first thing to remember. There are many ways to optimize an article, but I would like to share mine with you.

Before writing an article, think about the keyword and don’t forget to include it in the title. Make search engines like your article by optimizing the title first. Try to maintain appropriate keyword density and try not to spam the search engines.

Don’t sacrifice your credibility for optimization. Some authors like to put periods between words that are considered spam. Like the word “free”. If you want to sell a product or service, make your articles credible and professional.