How to run shopper ads on short videos on YouTube?

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How to run shopper ads on short videos on YouTube?

There are a lot of confusing articles out there that say YouTube Shorts can run Shoppable ads, but this is clearly not possible right now. However, if you only want to target YouTube mobile app users, what options are available to you? Is there a method of operation?

We are going to tell you that there is a way to only target YouTube users who use mobile devices. This is no secret. Continue reading.

What are shorts on YouTube?

What exactly are YouTube shorts? On the YouTube platform, there are short videos that are only available for mobile devices. They are intended to be consumed rapidly, and they have a 60-second time limit. Shoppable ads, which will soon be available on YouTube, can make it simple for viewers to purchase items they see as they scroll through YouTube Shorts.

SHOPPABLE ad features for YouTube shorts were anticipated.

a) A list of the products that are featured in the advertisement, each with a catchy image or video.

b) A link to your website or the app itself, if you have an integrated e-commerce store with YouTube. The YouTube mobile app is available for Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.

c) An affiliate program in which YouTubers can make money when someone buys a product they recommend in a YouTube Shorts video.

How to make ads for YouTube shorts that can be bought.


There are a lot of options and goals, but you need to choose one that includes placements on YouTube.

Consideration of the product and brand, Brand awareness and reach, Sales, Leads, or the ability to launch a campaign without a goal offers YouTube placements.

STEP 2: deciding where to put your advertisement.

There are three choices available under “Networks.” Video partners on the Display Network, YouTube videos, and search results on YouTube. If you don’t want your ads to appear on sites other than YouTube, you should uncheck the third option. This will guarantee that your advertisement will only be displayed on the YouTube website or app.


This is the most crucial step in the process. Your advertisement might not appear on the right device if you don’t do this correctly. There are two choices under the heading “Additional settings”: Show on all eligible devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets, and television screens) or target specific devices.

Select Device-specific targeting, as depicted in the image below. Except for Mobile Phones, deactivate all other device options. Your ad will only be shown to YouTube Shorts viewers and mobile YouTube viewers after this point.


Keep in mind the best practices for running shoppable ads if you want to get the most out of your YouTube Shorts campaigns. If you follow these guidelines, you can increase your exposure, increase your return on investment, and create memorable experiences for viewers:

1. Position important informing inside the initial 5 seconds.

2. Make sure the images and videos in your ad stand out.

3. For users to be directed to your website or landing page, include a clear call to action.

4. Sort audiences according to previous interactions.

5. Ad creative should be optimized using shoppable metrics like cost-per-conversion (CPC).

6. Keep your intro and outro footage short and to the point.

7. Establish efficient tracking parameters for performance monitoring.

8. Test various formats for advertisements, messaging, and images.

9. Don’t just focus on sales pitches; provide value throughout.

10. Throughout the campaign, use data to make changes.

11. Bids should be improved based on user preferences and location.


To run ads for viewers of YouTube Shorts, all you need to know is that. I’ve kept this article short and to the point. I also responded that you can’t really run ads while watching YouTube Shorts, but that feature is currently in development and will be available soon.