How to sell AI art prints online

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How to sell AI art prints online

In this article, I’m going to share some tips to help you get started creating AI-generated artwork and monetizing that art.

Please note that most AI graphics generators require you to pay for the premium version to access AI images available for commercial use.

Here are the seven steps required to create and sell AI-generated artwork.

1. Research and planning
First, conduct extensive research using tools like Sales Samurai to identify popular keywords and artistic trends to better understand what potential buyers are looking for.

Next, analyse and identify market demand for different art styles and themes so you can direct your creative efforts towards profitable avenues.

2. Generating artistic ideas
Use the AI ​​generator called “Midjourney” to create royalty-free photos to use as a base for your art.

Make midjourney suggestions based on identified keywords and trends and guide the AI ​​to create art that resonates with the market.

Explore the artworks created by Midjourney and select the pieces you want that might excite potential buyers.

3. Improvement of a work of art
Enhance selected graphics with AI Image Amplifier to ensure the downsized version retains its quality and enhances the visual appearance.

4. Commercial Use/Copyright
Please consider the need for a paid mid-journey plan before proceeding as additional features or licenses may be required for commercial use.

Take the time to understand the licensing and copyright implications of AI-generated graphics to comply with legal requirements and protect your work.

5. Setting up a print-on-demand service
Connect to a reliable print-on-demand service like Printful and work with us to handle the production and sales aspects of your artwork.

At the same time, choose the right online sales platform like Etsy, where you can showcase and sell AI-generated artworks to a wide range of potential buyers.

6. Sending and optimizing offers
Start by uploading your chosen artwork to Printful. When doing so, make sure to follow the guidelines and specifications for file formats, resolutions, and other requirements.

Adjusts the product options offered to buyers, e.g. B. Canvas size and frame options so they can choose preferences that suit their needs.

Optimize your listing titles and descriptions by including relevant keywords and engaging language that will grab the attention of potential buyers.

Make sure to select Printful as your production partner when setting up your art listing on your favourite web platform.

7. Publishing and distribution
When everything is done, list your artwork on your favourite online platform and make it available for purchase by interested buyers.

Monitor your sales and fulfilment processes with Printful’s intuitive dashboard that lets you track orders, production status, and shipping details.

Enjoy the convenience of Printful to print, package, and ship your sold artwork so you can focus on creating and marketing AI-generated artwork.