How to set up your own Amazon aStore account?

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How to set up your own Amazon aStore account?
Did you know you can have your own online store selling
Amazon products? And you can have a store up and running in minutes.

aStore from Amazon is a new Associates product that allows you to create a professional online store that can be embedded or integrated into your website in minutes, without requiring any HTML knowledge or other programming skills. Best of all, it costs nothing to create a Store on your website.

aStore is a custom store section that you can install on your website in minutes. Select the Amazon products you want to view. You can add all Amazon products or display only the categories you choose, your own product categories; There is no problem with your normal website either. With aStore, you can offer your customers a multi-item shopping cart,
purchases, as well as reviews on Amazon and trusted online stores.
aStore, you can inform your customers about product descriptions, Amazon product listings, featured products, latest product information, product details including Listmania (product listings of other Amazon customers), product reviews, product images, and information from Amazon.

The Store Wizard walks you step by step through the process of setting up your AStore and gives you a URL that you can link to or embed on your website. There are 3 ways to embed your aStore on your website. The quickest and easiest way is to provide a simple link from your website to your website and to AStore as a separate website. This option also includes a link back to your website in any of these ways. Whether it is a website page or you want to embed your aStore using an inline frame
or you want to embed it using a frameset these two methods for embedding your aStore will be visible to visitors. Treat aStore as if they were on your website and allow them to shop without leaving your website.

As a Amazon Affiliate, you can create up to 100 stores and earn commissions on all products sold to customers who buy directly from your aStore or who later purchase from Amazon.
You can receive your
Amazon affiliate commissions by depositing them into your bank account, check, or Amazon receipt.