How to use BCC?

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How to use BCC?
When you send an email message to more than one address and you do not want it to be forwarded to another recipient, use the Blind CC field.

Just enter all addresses into the BCC field without separating them with semicolons, commas, or anything else your program uses. When you click the send button, your email will be sent to each person with only their name in the field. None of the recipients know that the other email was sent.

Outlook200? You can send BCC emails without an address field. Other email clients require at least one address in the BCC field before accepting multiple client addresses. Test the application you are using to see if it needs to have an address in the field. If so, tell yourself. (Surprisingly, email programs often allow us to send emails ourselves. .. that’s why I get so many emails from Jennifer Lopez (just kidding).

If you need to enter a field, enter your email address in this field and everyone else’s address in the BCC field.

Bad What you need to know about
BCC is that some spam filters automatically delete the email listed in the BCC field so it never reaches the destination. This means that although sending a BCC is good for privacy, your email may not always reach the intended recipient.

The problem I have with Outlook Express 2002 is that when I send my email using BCC, I cannot print a hard copy of the sent message, including the addresses. I had to write the address information on a copy of the file so I could keep track of it.
If sending
BCC emails is not possible for you, consider upgrading your email client from the standard shredding functionality to the professional version. That’s what I did.