Hybrid Development

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Hybrid Development

They are quick and easy to build and maintain and provide excellent UX/UI. However, some features may not be compatible across operating platforms. This is because hybrid apps have their own set of rules, so some features that work best on Android don’t work the same way on iOS. Ionic, PhoneGap, and Apache Cordova are well-known development methods.

Cross-Platform Development
Cross-platform apps are not the same as hybrid apps. They are built with reusable code that can be run in different projects. They are durable and easy to make. However, they do not follow the other two types of applications and do not have much customization options. React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter are popular multiplatform development platforms.

Display and Device Compatibility

One of the biggest challenges of mobile app development is keeping your app running smoothly on a variety of mobile devices. This means it should be able to adapt to minor differences in the most popular devices such as tablets or phones. Getting your app compatible with multiple screens and devices can be difficult. If your app is not optimized, it will affect your user experience. A new challenge has emerged when it comes to creating foldable apps, with Samsung announcing it’s creating a foldable OLED display. Samsung says that many known applications can adapt to the foldable phone.

Integration with External Devices

Wearable technology is gaining popularity around the world. In 2000, the number of connected devices worldwide was approximately 929 million (Statista). When it comes to technology, it seems like these gadgets will slowly but surely become an important part of our daily lives. WatchOS has been part of the Apple ecosystem since Apple released it in 2015. Apple wearables have been part of the app store since 2015. The Google Play Store also has many apps compatible with smartwatches running Android. Everything points to the emergence of wearable technology. This is the current app development challenge that developers must overcome to build useful apps by 2022.