Ignoring is a good thing when it comes to online scams

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Ignoring is a good thing when it comes to online scams

All aspects of the Internet have ignored apps. It is unknown whether it is the browser, email provider, anti-malware or search engines.

These unpopular programs are extremely safe. In fact, “no one” uses them and therefore they are ignored by scammers and hackers.

Why create a worm for a browser only used by 1% of users when you can create a worm for Chrome or Firefox? Why hack search engines that few people use when you can access Google’s backend?

people use popular brands because they are sure they are the best.
That’s not how it is.
Once you start using other browsers, many of which have ad blockers and other useful features, you’ll find that Chrome and Firefox are the worst.

If you use other search engines that provide information quickly and easily, you will wonder why you used Google. It’s the same in every aspect of the web. Lesser known items are often better.

Simple protective measures
Find unpopular websites. Messaging apps you never heard of, browsers you didn’t know existed, search engines you didn’t know existed. Use them for what’s important. Your information is safe.

While you communicate using another email provider your Gmail can fill with ads, begging letters from politicians and invites to join whatever. Gmail becomes a garbage dump.

However, you new ‘real’ account, the one you share with family and friends is safe. No one is going to bother you and your communication will be private. When searching, use something other than Google. This way there is no connection between you and the information you are looking for.

And of course, using a browser that is only used by 1% of the world’s population means that no one will bother to hack it.

You have ensured your privacy and security by simply not using certain apps.