IGTV: a new platform and why you should use it

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IGTV: a new platform and why you should use it

IGTV stands for Instagram TV; is a new app that works with Instagram. Basically, it offers a feature that allows users to watch and create videos vertically, just like video content from YouTube channels. Another feature of the app is that it creates a separate place where you can watch various videos posted by popular accounts and people you follow.

IGTV defines a new way to create and interact with video content for social media. A new approach they have introduced is the use of vertical video recording. These are mobile-specific users, which is a smart move on Instagram’s part since 80% of the time users spend on social media is on a mobile device, according to a comScore study.

Use IG In total, Instagram
has over 1 billion users. The large Instagram audience can help you reach your target audience. Using IGTV can grab their attention as video content is proven to be engaging and when they share your content, your content will spread instantly and quickly. To get started, you can check out the IGTV marketing guide to learn everything before you start using IGTV.

For content creators, IGTV can offer sharing long videos instead of relying on long Instagram Stories divided into 20-second chunks. Influencers can also post product reviews or other content on IGTV to let their followers know that they have directly uploaded new content.