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Lots of fun and a great way to encourage teamwork and quick thinking. Impromptu comedy is a staple of team games because it just takes time.

games range from simple role-playing games, musical exercises to quick problem-solving games. Just ask WITS Team Building, who have been using improvisation to support offices for decades.

Board Game Day
Take your time for the board game day. Sid Meiers, creator of the popular Civilization series, once described the game as “a series of interesting choices.”

When you think about it, board games fit perfectly into the office space. After all, what is a business but making decisions to stay one step ahead of others?

Several companies are already implementing this idea with great success. Board games are not only fun, they encourage strategy and creativity. Also, there is no limit to the number of games you can play as almost all of them require creative thinking and strategy.

Movie Night
There are two ways to host a movie night, and both can work well. One way is to bring in some popular classic movies, maybe stuff from the employees’ childhood or youth. You can all feel the nostalgia and joy of bonding through a shared experience.

However, if you don’t like the above idea, and perhaps find it too boring, trivial, or not very interactive, there are other ways to approach it.

Instead of an iconic and well-loved tidbit, jump into a truly horrific movie, the dumbest of the dumb, and encourage your staff to add their own commentary and create twists and characters that are more interesting than the actual directors, without taking anything serious or keep it sacred.If it works, it will be a great bonding activity, not to mention hilarious.

Team Building Exercises and How to Make Them Interesting
Having a productive and committed team is the foundation of any business, and there is no faster route to failure than by cultivating such a team. To achieve this, there is no better tool than team building exercises.