Instagram marketing and SEO tips for your business

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Instagram marketing and SEO tips for your business

Instagram is no longer just a platform for part-time entertainment. This now opens up a new way of marketing for companies. On June 20, 2018, Instagram announced at an internal event that the company had reached one billion monthly active users, after surpassing the 800 million mark in September 2017 with 500 million daily users.

That being said, it is also true that some companies have difficulty adapting a new photo recommendation platform. But in reality, Instagram can be a great platform for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes and achieving your marketing goals. Instagram has also introduced several new features, including Instagram Stories and the new IGTV platform, which can be very useful for both entrepreneurs and marketers.

All you need to do is create an Instagram strategy that will definitely help you achieve your SEO goals. Some tips that you can use in the SEO process using the Instagram platform are given in the following points.

1. Complete your Instagram profile
The first thing you need to do is complete your brand’s Instagram profile. Add your company logo or a photo that perfectly represents your company to your profile photo. Also include a bio and a link to your company website. People may not visit your website right away, but adding engaging posts will increase the chances of people visiting your website.

2. Add engaging posts
There are many ways to engage users with your posts. You can repost photos. Like and comment on other people’s photos; respond to user comments on your posts; Add photos of your company events, your services, employees in action and the results of your services. There are also many other ways you can engage your audience.

For example, if you are a dentist, you can add photos of your teeth before and after treatment, as seen on your Instagram profile @teethbeforeafter. Likewise, you can check out @isdentalcare’s post where you can see a dentist at work.

However, keep in mind that always publishing this way may not be enough and you need to add elements that pique users’ interest. You can find many examples of company events on Instagram.

3. Host content for rewards
Run contests are a great way to engage your audience and promote your business or practice, and Instagram has proven to be a great platform for running contests.

Simply invest a little money by offering a series of prizes to contest participants on Instagram and gain thousands of followers who can contact your customers at any time. By organizing a competition you can increase your influence on Instagram.

Remember that Instagram is a photo-centric platform and users want to enjoy beautiful photos in their feeds. Your message will then be based on the photos. Your photo should be eye-catching and you should make it attractive. Instagram also supports small videos, so you can use videos for content too.

contests can be organized in Instagram feeds and stories section.