Introduction to Trade Show Displays

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When it comes to displaying content at a trade show, you have many options, from banners to book stands to pop-up displays. You can choose to use more than one type of trade show display as each type can be used together to produce the full impact and useful information.

Flag stands are available in different sizes. Most banner stands are portable and designed to be quickly set up and have a practical life in most commercial applications as long as they are used properly. Choosing the type of vertical banner that suits you is a choice from the options available. The main model is retractable, rear spring and telescopic.
Folding banner is perfect for creating a standing photo mural. This type has hardware that allows the graphic image to appear from the bottom to the top of the image. The main selling point of this type is that your customers can only see the image from the front of the site. Hidden metal is located entirely or partially at the top or bottom of the room. Therefore, the hardware is not what the visitors show. The
rotating display can also be combined with other rotating panels to create tall video displays up to several inches tall.

If you want to be durable, a retractable flag might be good. The design in this section is wrapped around the exterior of the metal underneath the screen. In a retractable banner, lamination on both sides helps protect and hold the image from any damage.