Invasion of the Blogs

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While I kept a list of numerous websites, most of which were blogs, I removed countless websites from the list because the websites and blogs no longer existed. People had little energy or had no reason to start.

How do you know if a blog is right for your business? Find out why people start blogs, how they find their niche, and how blogging tools can be used for more than just blogging.

The content of the blog is very important
Some people like to read blogs, some like to read newsletters, some like to rely on feeds, and some read some or all of them. Just like blogging, my blog has evolved from a personal language to a professional language, although I still add personal notes here and there.

Many bloggers tend to talk about their work, their products and their little world. This may work for celebrities whose fans want to know everything about them, but it doesn’t work for the average businessman. Other business people want information about how to be successful, and if a blog spends time promoting products that offer useless information, few will come back. Valuable information comes from people whose products sell well. Readers already know what information they are getting, so when they make a purchase they can be confident that it will be of equal or better quality. This value should be reflected in your blog. It’s a bit like someone signing up for a newsletter after seeing an example.