iOS devices and data backup

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iOS devices and data backup

ElcomSoft Phone Viewer (EPV) is an easy-to-use tool for accessing, viewing and analyzing data stored on iOS devices and computers. It has standalone functionality as well as integration with other ElcomSoft products such as ElcomSoft Phone Breaker (EPPB) or Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit (EIFT). Second, it gives you access to even the most protected Apple devices.

ElcomSoft Phone Viewer can view photos, videos, messages and call logs stored on your computer or iPhone/iPad/iPod touch connected with a USB cable. It also supports data extracted from iCloud Drive shared with you by other users of this app.

Using this special software, you can view decrypted or downloaded files from Apple iCloud and other sources, check online activities including log files and browser history, access synced data, passwords, and third-party apps installed on your storage device. It can also collect location in the same area over time to learn more about your device’s location (geo-fencing supported).

Once you have a forensic image of an iOS device created with ElcomSoft Phone Breaker, you can use it to extract photos and videos from memory dumps. Also, if the device’s password is known (or recovered), you will access all data by connecting directly to the computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi Ad Hoc mode (use airplane mode).

If these options are not for you, there are still ways to view photos on your iPhone. If your friend has an old iPhone that is no longer used, but still remembers the iCloud login password – this can be a good option to unknowingly restore precious memories.

When you want to review historical health data at any time, you can use this software to review Apple Health data in forensic dump and view it along with other information. You can use Apple Health to track your health by monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other indicators of your physical health.