IWI Dating App

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The new dating app called IWI is going to take the industry by storm!

Yeah yeah… What’s the difference…?

While dating apps have fundamentally revolutionized the way we build and develop sexual relationships in the modern world, there is much to be desired as the foundation for creating a relationship. real and meaningful relationships.

Over and over again, we hear the same stories of grotesque answers or bland conversations, all experienced by people who stumble on the arduous journey of finding love. true love. Even when overcoming the initial hurdles to breaking the ice and managing a decent conversation, there’s always the chance of stumbling across the notorious predator at the top of the virtual dating world. Catfish.

Before IWI, these features of online dating seemed inevitable and understandable! How can you avoid talking awkwardly when starting a conversation with a stranger who isn’t a silver language master?(Even then, it’s overkill) And how can you guarantee that you won’t fall in love with a text message with our sleazy friend? Sure, there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll have a great time with everyone you pair up with.
After all, it’s just an image with an intro. We can’t choose our partners the same way we choose movies on Netflix.

It is clear that IWI has spent a lot of time thinking about these dilemmas because it seems they have found the answer.The app’s matching criteria are based on the Big Five personality test. For those of you who don’t know, it is considered the most accurate and up-to-date personality test in modern psychology. Once you download the app, you answer a few questions and you’re done! You are ready to match. Each of your answers will help us match you with the OCEAN Big Five
personality traits and match you with those most compatible with your personality.