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JRiver Media Center

Different audio and video streaming is great, but what about all the home movies, music and movies stored on your PC? Using the usual Windows Media Player for these files means working with compression and codec rules, which should affect the brightness of the audio and video quality.

JRiver Media Center is a reliable, integrated software platform that allows users to play any content they want at speed and size. It is one of the most popular online audio and video players. With JRiver, you can collect all the features of a professional media player in a perfect package that everyone can enjoy.

The software has full native ASIO support, the primary drive used by professionals, audiophiles and moviegoers in their commercial installations. This means you can stream 5.1 Dolby Digital directly from your own interface or from your speakers’ RAM.

The power of mixing goes beyond the game. JRiver Media Player includes playback from most streaming platforms like Netflix, Last.fm, Hulu, and YouTube. This is the best software for those who have a home theater. The picture and sound quality you will get is as close as possible to the big chain. All you miss is custom popcorn and expensive drinks.

JRiver Media Center can also be closed. You will then be able to capture the recorded HDTV and watch it whenever you want. There’s even a Media Center remote option so you can relax on the couch when you don’t need the interface in front of you.

If you have a question about a powerful media site and can’t find the answer, you can check their forum. Users from all over the world gather to explain the various uses that will take a long time to get here. Needless to say, you have many options!

has two selling points: selection options and repeatable fields. For those of us who like to organize our media library into clear categories, there is a tagging option to create specific words or phrases based on questions. This allows users to quickly find the news they need with just a short search.