Key points to focus on in SEO

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Key points to focus on in SEO

picture names
As I said before, the content is not accessible to everyone. Therefore, include keywords where possible, including image names. If you save a photo of a man working on a computer for your web design site, don’t name it “some_boy.jpg” but “web_design.jpg.” The search engine checks the code of the website and finds that the image is related to the content of the website and represents another important element on that particular page. If you have the opportunity, you should choose the easier ones.

ALT tags Alt
tags are keywords that can be attached to images and give the image more weight since search engines cannot parse the content of the image itself. There is an opportunity here to add more keywords without writing quality content. Take advantage of this opportunity.

header tags Heading tags
are associated with a bold font that leads to a paragraph of text. I like this:

website design
Web Design Inc. offers custom website designs…

Heading tags should be keywords only and appear in the order that the meta tags appear.

H1= first meta tag, H2= second meta tag…

Try to use all 6 title tags on every page for maximum page optimization.

As any expert will tell you, “Content is King.” Every webpage should contain at least 350 words, more is better, but don’t forget the keyword density formula. You don’t want to fill a page with 1,500 Jibba Jabba words and only 5 keywords. Some people wonder how browsers display text and use images with text because they want an interesting font, but browsers cannot read text embedded in images, so the content does not appear on the page in search engines and does not attract attention. Attention. are under tension.

Link baiting is a new trend among top websites. Link baiting is the practice of writing high-quality content or articles that other websites can display on their sites, as long as you provide attribution and a link back to your website.

You don’t have to be a VI or Emac expert to write good web content. Just think about how you phrase your words and include keywords.