Long and Short Tail Keywords

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Long and Short Tail Keywords

Not all keywords are the same. Short-tail keywords are keywords that are just one or two words long. Long-tail keywords are the ones that are most likely to qualify as phrases.

“Soccer cleats” can therefore be considered a short-tailed keyword. “Pink soccer shoes for young athletes” could be described as a long-tail keyword. When it comes to ranking for these words on the results pages, you usually have the best luck with long-tail phrases.

They are more detailed and have less competition. If you’ve searched “buy truck” you’ll likely find that the results have been manipulated by industry leaders.

It’s hard to compete with companies that have millions of dollars in marketing, so be specific. “Buy cool trucks with disco balls built in” would be a less competitive catchphrase you’d probably fall in love with.

CTR, short for click through rate, is a measure of how many clicks an ad or post gets. This is a relatively simple term as it simply indicates how many clicks your article has received.

However, the acronym “CTR” is commonly used in blogs and articles related to digital marketing. SERPS stands for “Search Results Pages”. This is another one that sounds very common and intuitive, but it’s important to know what this acronym stands for.

That’s exactly what it sounds like. SERPS are pages that appear when a user enters certain keywords and generates a response page. A high position in the SERPS is one of the most direct paths to success for an internet company.

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