Many blogging platforms that you can use like

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Many blogging platforms that you can use like

One of the most important things is choosing the platform on which you want to create your blog. Have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do. There are many blogging platforms you can use like Tumblr, Blogspot and WordPress.

You can start your own fashion blog on Blogspot because it’s totally free, powered by Google, has a good reputation and can be used by anyone.

WordPress is a standalone business and is aimed more at the advanced blogger or someone who wants to expand their blog and have more features on their blog.If you are just starting out, Blogspot might be your best option as it is generic and easy to use.

Like Tumblr, they have many blog templates that you can choose from and customize your blog to make it even better and cleaner. It’s way cheaper than customizing your WordPress blog.

Next, you can transfer your Blogspot account to a WordPress account. Find out which blogging platform suits your blogging style and start using it.

Many people think they need a high tech camera, editing software and all writing software, but you really don’t need them. Get an affordable, high-quality camera for photo shoots. A lot of bloggers these days use their iPhones or just display cameras and their photos look great.

Today’s advanced technology allows you to take great pictures with your phone. You can use the editing app on your phone to edit photos on your blog.

All you have to do is insert the camera card into your computer or edit it from there if you have it on your phone and then email it to yourself for you to use from your computer can download.

When learning how to be a fashion blogger, one of the most important things is to stay true to yourself. You may see a lot of fashion bloggers posting about a trend that you don’t particularly like, and that’s okay.