Marketing optimization 101 for blogs

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Marketing optimization 101 for blogs

To be honest, most blogs are not optimized for marketing effectiveness. Additionally, some blogs are real marketing machines, but at the same time they don’t make the most of them because they aren’t truly optimized for marketing.

blogs may be Web 2.0, but bloggers shouldn’t ignore some of the good old direct marketing tactics on the Internet that have worked well for online marketers for almost a decade or more.

Here are 101 basic rules that you really shouldn’t ignore…

bloggers forego or completely ignore email as a means of delivering content to their readers. As an RSS evangelist, I definitely believe in using RSS to distribute content to the world, but only as a supplement to email distribution.3. EMAIL and RSS SUBSCRIPTIONS
Sharing ezine subscriptions and RSS feeds is important to the success of any blog. But none of these solutions will do you much good if your visitors don’t actually see them and you don’t offer them enough incentive to sign up.

Most importantly, display your ezine and RSS email subscription information at the top of the blog, not somewhere at the bottom where no one can see it.

Second, use engaging copy to encourage visitors to sign up. Briefly explain the benefits of the subscription and what type of content they can expect. Don’t forget to include a privacy disclaimer to reassure potential subscribers that you will never misuse their personal information.