MEORCA: another way to search the internet

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MEORCA: another way to search the internet

Nowadays, given the availability of the internet, many people are looking for a solution on the internet. The search engine helps them to find help online, be it news, blog, DIY article, photo or video.

Admit it, you are one of those people who have now made themselves independent of the search engine to get answers to their everyday questions. But sometimes searching the internet can be frustrating. You can create a bunch of junk data just because you type a word or phrase.

Well, you don’t need to be constantly disappointed, you need to be able to narrow your web search to get exactly the result you want. Here are some tips you can follow to find accurate/relevant information online.

Differentiate your search engine according to your Internet search needs
How many search engines do you think there are? Maybe it’s only 2-3? Surprise! Surprise! Did you know that there are over 140 search engines on the Internet? It’s not just Google, Bing or Yahoo. There are many search engines that work and specialize in different ways. Here are some from the list:

Google – The best search engine and most popular products from Google.
Bing: Microsoft’s default web browser search engine and a great platform for businesses to submit their data to improve search results. It has richer autocomplete results.

Yahoo – one of the most popular search engines alongside Bing. It offers a wider range of services including news and shopping.
Baidu – the most used search engine in China, providing results for websites, audio, images, maps, news and cloud storage.
AOL – one of the best search engines that also offers AOL Mail, AOL Ads and AOL Platform – This search engine returns results based on a simple web-based question and answer format.
DuckDuckGo – a search engine known for protecting user privacy.

Wolfram Alpha – is a computer knowledge search engine that returns results based on facts and data about this query.
Lycos – A search engine for key areas like email, web hosting, social media, and entertainment sites.
Facebook Search: If you want to show a specific search in different areas, Advanced Facebook Search can help you show results for people, pages, places, groups and more.

Meorca – An independent UK-focused search engine that always provides unbiased and safe search results as it does not index pornographic or illegal content websites. It is a crawler-based search engine with a web index that does not index illegal content and provides safe, clear, and unbiased search results. If you want to search the web in the UK, Meorca is an alternative web search engine that provides an index of websites with a strong focus on UK websites. Rest assured, it always delivers unbiased and safe search results for news, blogs, directories, images, videos and advertising. Meorca is an independent search engine that does not index porn sites or illegal content. So you don’t have to worry if your child uses the internet to search the web while using

Search the web using specific keywords The
search engine is by no means perfect, it also has its various blind spots. Using keywords in web searches helps search engines find the relevant information you are looking for. Many web search engines offer advanced searches to narrow your search. If you refine your search query to include specific keywords, you can get more accurate results.