More Sophisticated Video

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More Sophisticated Video

Videos were a growing trend in 2017. By 2019, they will capture over 80% of all web traffic. However, most of the video features were only available to big brands.

Now new video tools make sophisticated videos more useful than ever. Content teams don’t need any expertise to create a professional video.

Smartphone recorders are now on par with professional cameras. With the right care, small teams can create professional-looking videos this way. Smartphones also allow businesses to share live video streams.

AI-powered video editing tools now help you create and sell videos. It may only take a few minutes to fix this problem. It’s easy to embed these videos on your social media channels.

Your team needs to develop a video marketing strategy. This requires little time and investment. But determining content types is also his strategy.

Original content with added value “Original content” is marketing content that companies create to enhance the customer experience. This means that the content has value in itself. This is in stark contrast to branded content, which serves as advertising.

Customers are increasingly turning their backs on branded ads and publications that “sell”. They want to connect brands with styles, moods and values.Authentic content offers these things to customers without asking them to buy.

original content can be as simple as how-to articles and e-books. They can be further developed as a video series with detailed storylines and characters. Their common point is their authenticity and value.

You can use the video tools to create a story for your filmed content.This way your team will act like a media company. You can also hire internal or external authors.

Social media and channel diversification as an interaction platform has lost its attractiveness. Facebook has seen a decline in organic reach lately.Content hosting is unstable as they also do updates.

Social media is still essential in content marketing. You need to make social media an offshoot of your overall marketing strategy.

You have more options to automate your content marketing. If you want to distribute content across multiple channels, automate the social media component.You can use this channel effectively without overloading your team.