One thing about a real feed

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The same goes for real food.

One thing about real food: it’s more than just letting bots view your page. If that’s what you want, you can stop reading here.

For the rest of the readers (if any), consider some of the most important aspects of marketing or the power of web marketing. You may have a great website, great ever-changing content, great food, lots of options, and very little traffic. Unlike search engines with all those fancy spiders we love to get feedback from, most blog/RSS search engines don’t send bots to crawl RSS feeds.

No. You must surrender to them. I know. I did the smart thing – bowed to the team – and the indescribably stupid thing – I turned down the offer, because honestly, it’s an extremely boring and very boring job (I’ve done it, how boring is it?). That’s not very good, but there you are. I have a low tolerance for extreme boredom, even when I know I’m in pain.

And if you don’t send submissions, you won’t get the traffic you could get. This means fewer conversions, sales, engagement, or whatever else your website is about.

Ah, but there is an answer to this question too. RSS feed services are also available as RSS feed tools. It’s actually a new service (still in beta) that allows you to submit your blog/RSS to 17 search engines for free – with many contracts. It’s called FeedShot and you can find it at