Open source web application development

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Open source web application development

Yii is an open source web application development framework based on PHP5. It is optimized for performance and comes with some great tools for debugging and testing the application. Another advantage is that it is quite simple and easy to use.


MeteorJS is written in Node.js and allows users to build real-time web applications that work on a variety of platforms.The framework for creating simple web pages that can be used for privacy is featured prominently in Meteor JS.

This is an open source isomorphic JavaScript web framework, which means that page load times are greatly reduced. The JavaScript stack allows you to achieve the same results with less programming pages than usual.

The online course provides a practical example of using MeteorJS together with React to create a web application.

Express delivery.js

Created with Node.js, Express.js is the ideal web-based application development network for those who need to build apps and APIs as quickly as possible. A bunch of great features are available using the plugin.

This class provides a comprehensive overview of the sophisticated uses of Express.js with MongoDB as well as Mongoose, and provide different methods for building Express apps and running apps in production.


Zend is an open source PHP-based framework focused on building more secure and reliable web applications and services. It was one of the first enterprise-grade MVC frameworks, developed before today’s famous superfoods like Laravel or Symfony as well as many famous PHP tools like Magento that were developed with Zend.

Zend is currently under active development. And while it’s not as well known as its open source counterparts, it’s a great choice for large-scale PHP applications.

Watch this video tutorial comparing different PHP MVC frameworks to help you decide for yourself.


Django is one of the most famous frameworks written in Python and based on MVC architecture. It makes the creation process much easier due to its simplicity.

Django greatly simplifies the use of Python and comes with a variety of tools that allow web application developers to simplify their lives – ORM, Models, Django admin, templates, etc.