Optimizing Your Profile

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Optimizing Your Profile

Optimization may seem difficult, but it’s simple and essential if you want to stand out on social media.

Making sure your site has relevant and consistent information is important. you won’t get much attention when your Facebook profile contains half mediocre pictures. You want people to recognize you immediately when they see your page. You want people to know you’re a professional and what you’re doing when they see your profile. There are plenty of resources online that will help you learn more about optimizing your page for a particular platform.

Algorithm Tracking and Updates

Facebook is the first platform to implement a wizard-like algorithm that seems to read your mind and decide what you want to see. Most social media platforms have an algorithm and you should take full advantage of it.

Facebook will prioritize engaging visual content over less visual content like text. You can see a big difference when you add photos to your status updates. If you post two updates, one with and one without, you’ll see a big difference. That’s why when you open your Facebook feed, you’ll see more videos than status updates from.

So do platforms like Twitter, although they use chronological order. Posting at the right time determines whether your tweet gets 10 or 100 retweets.

Interact with your audience

You should have a faceless profile because social media is about social media. This is not a place where you talk to a bunch of people anonymously. Content should be engaging and generate conversations, but you should still engage with them.

You must respond positively to comments, encourage chat, and respond to messages; it will let your audience know more about you and make them feel you care about them. When your audience feels like you’re thinking of them, they’ll continue to engage with you and your brand, even encouraging others to follow and engage with you. When you buy comments on YouTube, you also encourage others to comment on and watch your videos.