Paid Directory Submission Checklist

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Paid Directory Submission Checklist

Every online business needs traffic and with that comes better online visibility. A great way to get noticed is to list them in the top directories. Links from good directories increase the visibility of your website many times over.

There are thousands of online directories on the Internet and choosing the right directories to host your website can be time consuming. There are also free and paid directories. You must submit to both types of directories.

The following checklist applies only to paid directory submissions. This checklist will help you choose the best and most valuable paid directories on the Internet.

Report Checklist:
Check if the directory is indexed in major search engines.
Check the robots.txt file. Make sure search engine crawlers can index the pages you want to publish your listing on. Check your meta tags to make sure they don’t block search engine bots from following the links they contain. A meta tag with no index/ no follow will not be indexed or crawled and links on this page will not be followed by bots.

Ensure that the directory is maintained regularly. Check the directory from time to time to see if errors have been corrected, information on the website has been updated, etc. In short: look for positive activities in the directory.
Check whether the entries on the category page match the topic and content or not. Directories that focus on correctly grouping websites are helpful to visitors and often appear in the SERP for keyword searches.
Check the age of the directory.

To obtain this information, perform a WHOIS search ( Many new catalogs disappear after a few months due to lack of maintenance and promotion. With older directories, you can at least be assured that your ad will be visible for a reasonable amount of time.