Past, present and future of marketing

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Past, present and future of marketing

The good old days
Do you remember the good old days? You buy a domain name, set up your website (with a few expletives here and there), and place ads (while keeping your fingers crossed for good ad click results). All this worked for a while; Until people avoid ads like the plague. Life just got harder. What were we internet marketers supposed to do? We must be smarter. Fortunately for us, a collaboration model has emerged.

Ah, the marketing model. It wouldn’t hurt to get some help from your friends, right? Affiliate marketing channels offer many benefits to companies. In short: A thriving company with dollar signs everywhere. Affiliate marketing can of course be a profitable business, but it can also be very complicated, time-consuming and anti-social. Here’s the real question: Why do we continue to inflict so much pain on ourselves? Although the answer seems difficult, it is quite simple: Make money easily.

Good, bad and cruel
Normal people think of a company based on a get well soon plan for nerds and nerds. Actually, it’s far from the truth. You’re very likely to be able to promote a high school behind the scenes these days; because you need to gain computer skills.

Despite lucrative profits, many successful managers get bored in the right departments. After all, there are a lot of tricks here. You must be aware of the ‘good, the bad and the cruel’. “That’s right folks, if you’re a good guy, beware of the bad guys. They are now planting malicious ads on the computers of unwitting consumers.

As a supplier, it is your responsibility to investigate whether your employees are using adware. Do not turn your head and look away. Even our users may receive unwanted and/or harmful advertising. Can you blame them for being angry at a vendor who (perhaps unknowingly) supports adware? Of course not. Malvertising shouldn’t even be considered a marketing strategy. It’s not really standard.