Podcasts used by Media Publishing as a business marketing tool

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Podcasts used by Media Publishing as a business marketing tool

Podcasting has been making waves in the marketing world with the recent launch of the new Simon & Schuster podcast. I recently worked as a consultant on a podcast project for publishing giant Simon und Schuster and their website www.simonsays.com. They use this podcast RSS feed to interview world-famous authors and ask them to read excerpts from their books. This is a great marketing strategy for your website, authors, products and brand.

They actually use the podcast to promote the products they release. This is a very innovative business marketing strategy. They release 30-minute podcasts every week. This allows potential consumers to become familiar with their products. This will increase interest in their products. This in turn increases sales and strengthens the company brand. This professionally produced podcast series will undoubtedly become a favorite of many consumers.

It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t need an iPod to listen to the podcast. You can easily listen to podcasts on your desktop computer. You can subscribe to podcast feeds using Yahoo, iTunes, Mozilla Firefox, Google Desktop Search Toolbar 2.0, or any other podcast RSS feed reading software on your computer.

The business benefits of a good podcast marketing strategy can be enormous. Podcasting is another business communication and marketing tool that allows companies to communicate with their target audience. Podcast RSS feed subscribers automatically receive new podcasts as they are published. Podcast companies can have a direct online marketing and communications channel.