Pornography is out of the question

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You can also do without lubricants and go the “natural” way. This means you can simply rely on your partner’s vagina to lubricate itself in response to her arousal.

Of course, this process assumes that your partner has no problems with vaginal dryness. Should he ever have a problem with this, we recommend using lubricant.

In any case, just as the lubricant cannot be applied mechanically, it cannot be avoided by choosing the “natural” route either. You still have to work on that.

Many couples spice up their foreplay with roleplay and dirty talk, but if that’s not something you enjoy, there are plenty of other ways to do it.

Be creative. Your partner will thank you. Although many sources suggest that women are simply not interested in pornography, men have little to lose by simply asking their partner about it.

Finally, there are women who love porn. It turns out that many of them are simply ashamed of this habit. In fact, some of them don’t even want their partners to know they’re interested.

Whether your partner is shy or not, you should at least let them know.

However, if you bring pornography into your bedroom, you must be careful how you use it. You shouldn’t just put a movie in a DVD player and turn on the TV.

Honestly, this kind of confusion is to be expected because men rely so much on visual stimulation during sex. On the other hand, women are very different beings; they are more sensitive to touch, sound, and smell.

That being said, why not use porn to increase the pleasure they get from their other senses?

In other words, turn the porn on but leave it off, and if you both do it, set the tone yourself. There is nothing more erotic than replacing the moans and moans of a film’s actors with your own.

Even if you decide not to cut the video, groans and moans are still highly recommended. After all, your partner really wants to hear you moan in their ear.