Rate your customer

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Rate your customer

When a customer walks into your office, don’t sell them the first product that comes to mind. Sit down with them, assess their needs, and then sell them products that meet their needs.

I once worked with a guy in the banking industry who was one of the best at explaining the benefits and features of our products. The only problem was that he spent a lot of time explaining but never selling anything.

He never sold anything because he never took the time to find out what his customers needed, so he tried to sell them things they didn’t really need.

Nobody will buy things they don’t need.

This is why customer reviews are so important.

First, make your customer as comfortable as possible and talk about non-professional topics such as the weather, sports or current events.

Once you and your customer have established a good enough relationship, start asking some questions to assess the customer’s needs.

You can start by understanding why the customer came to you in the first place. Find out what products they already have. Find out if they are already working with any of your competitors. If so, research your competitors’ products and services thoroughly so you can compare products and prices. This is a great opportunity to tell your customers how much better your products and services are than the competition.

Find out what they need and what they can afford, then sell them the products that you think will perfectly meet their needs.

Once you have rated your customer, your chances of making a sale are very high because you are now offering your customer something that they need and can use, making them more likely to buy it.

The last thing a customer wants to hear is a bunch of things they don’t need. They have a reason to visit you. So find out what that reason is and do everything you can to meet their needs.

Stop wasting time entering all your products at once. This time could be better spent evaluating them.

Know your customers, assess their needs and then satisfy them with the right products.

If you evaluate the customer before selling, you will find that the sales process becomes much easier for you. Good luck.