Real Estate Advertising Tools

If you think new technology hasn’t reached real estate yet, think again. From drones to social media, there are many new and modern ways to sell your home fast.

Our recent advances in technology have given us the tools to advertise directly to our consumers. Whether you are a landlord or a broker, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Here are five real estate advertising tools you can use to sell your home faster than just a few years ago.

Professional Photos More than ever, buyers are using laptops and mobile devices to browse available homes. Do you want to take her off the screen and go through the door?

Make sure your listing includes high quality, professional photos of almost every room. Simply put, iPhone snapshots don’t cut it.

Research shows that ads with professional photos sell faster and at a higher price than ads without them.

But if you’re dealing with a highly competitive market, you might want to consider moving beyond professional photography. Read on for more ways to stand out from the crowd.

drone photography With nine out of ten homebuyers using the internet as their primary research tool, engaging content is essential.

Quality professional photos are important, but they’re becoming more common. Drone photography is a new way to present your offer.

Real estate marketing is not easy. Drone photography can provide your listing with beautiful, dramatic and expansive shots of your property.

This can also be the best way to enhance the landscape and surroundings. Both are effective business advantages and deserve to be part of your advertising strategy.

Are you a technician? Well get ready for it. If professional photos and drones aren’t enough for you, consider an immersive 3D video tour of your home.

The Bigger Equity website is telling you that we are currently in a seller’s market. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with real estate promotional strategies.

The virtual tours offered attention that we never dreamed of. With an immersive 3D video tour, anyone in the world can explore your property for as long as they want. Wherever you want.

An investor in China has the opportunity to “visit” your home without going back and forth. A military spouse who moves abroad is more likely to choose suitable housing for his family without inconvenience.

Quality photos and video are crucial, but buyers need to find your listing first. Here you can view your property.