Reasons why content marketing activities are not bringing positive results

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Reasons Your Content Marketing Efforts Fail

Have you tried a lot with your fingerprint but still not getting the desired results with content marketing? Do you know why? According to an industry survey conducted by CMI, only 9% of B2B marketers believe that using content marketing in their companies is “very effective”. That means most marketers don’t even know if their efforts are working or not.

Content marketing obviously works, but if you’re one of those companies that’s not getting results from it, it’s high time to figure out what’s going wrong. If you are one of those who have worked hard on content marketing without getting any real results, these reasons must definitely be addressed.

Reasons why content marketing activities are not bringing positive results
time to expand them individually:

1). You don’t have a membership fee:
A content marketing strategy is never implemented by a single person or department. If you think the content service is to blame, you are wrong. Everyone, everyone in the company should come up with ideas to improve the content, especially the marketing or sales department. It takes new ideas, participation and support to really make something happen.

2). You don’t set SMART goals:
If you don’t know exactly what the results should or should look like, you will still struggle to achieve great success even if you have all hands ready to create quality content. Many people have goals like “We want to generate leads” or “We want to drive more traffic to our website”, but that’s not a clear goal. You must have SMART goals which are as follows:

Specific: Don’t focus on getting more traffic, focus on growing your engagement rate every day.
Measurable: Plan a strategy for how many social media posts or blogs you write per day to increase the percentage of people on your website.
Achievable: You will fail if you don’t set goals within your limits. Know the effort it takes to achieve a realistic dream.
Relevant: You drive traffic to your website, great! However, focus on generating more leads from the traffic you generate.
on time: setting standards. First, plan your destination and then schedule your time accordingly. Let’s say you want to increase your traffic by 10%. So you know how long it will take. month, week or year?