REELS INSTAGRAM VS. STORIES: Which one is superior, and why?

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REELS INSTAGRAM VS. STORIES: Which one is superior, and why?

It’s nerve-wracking to choose between Instagram reels and stories to get more engagement. Due to the TikTok craze, some of us are obsessed with Instagram reels. However, if your business is online, Instagram stories increase your reach.

Instagram is a great way to reach your intended audience. It can be hard to tell whether Instagram stories or reels will help you reach more people.

We declared the victor and made it abundantly clear that we would not prevail in this battle. We will examine which is most effective for increasing engagement and followers in this blog. Continue reading!

The distinction between Instagram reels and stories.

Stories and Instagram reels both have significant significance depending on your purpose. Take a look at the differences between Instagram’s stories and reels to determine which one is best for you.


An Instagram reel can now be as long as 90 seconds, up from 60 seconds before the latest update. Depending on their mood, users can make reels that last anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds or 90 seconds. Videos that are up to 15 seconds long can be posted to Instagram stories. If you upload a photo, the maximum length of a story is seven seconds. If you want to post content that is longer in length, Instagram reels are the best choice. They enable you to present your content in its entirety rather than in segments, as with Instagram Stories.


A reel on Instagram would appear as a shorter video than a story on the platform. A photo, video, or feed from your Instagram account can be used to view an Instagram story. You can share your reel on Instagram by uploading it to your story. This will let your followers know that you have shared a new reel.


Instagram reels give hashtags and captions more options. They can include up to 30 hashtags in their full captions. For Instagram users, this is sufficient. Instagram stories are different in this regard. Without captions, you can only use ten hashtags. Stories don’t take into account separate inscriptions. Instead, you can use the text feature to add a caption. The best option for someone who enjoys captions and hashtags is a reel. Read this Later article for creative caption ideas.


Instagram content is uploaded to attract active users’ engagement. You can get the kind of engagement you want for your Instagram business with stories and reels. Engaging DMs can also come from a story.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing your clothing can DM you and inquire about the price if you upload a story about your business. This will give each customer a more individualized experience and give the impression of a conventional business.

Comments on your Instagram reels can help you get people to interact with them. This is a great way to talk to users, especially for influencers who want or need more time to talk to their followers through direct messages.

Your accounts won’t be highlighted or apparent to others looking at your reels. Instead, go to your profile to see your story. Your reel may also become popular and appear in the feeds of other people. The best way to attract attention is through reels!


Within 24 hours of posting a story to your Instagram account, it will automatically be deleted. You will need to upload your message again if it only reaches some of your followers within 24 hours. Instagram reels are the victors of the race once more! They won’t be removed from your account until you do.

Focus on audio.

You can play music in the background in Instagram stories. However, in Instagram reels, you have the option of recording your voice and making it the audio focus of your reels or placing music tracks from the music library there. With reels, you can make audio experiences that are more unique to you. However, stories can only concentrate on so much audio at once.


Your Instagram reels can be edited in a variety of ways. They can be cut short and aligned with other clips. You can speed up your reels for fun or slow them down to create a slow-mo effect. Your reels can also have a timer added to them.

You can only edit filters, layouts, or camera effects in Instagram stories. Adding stickers, combining photos with the layout option, or adding filters are all out of the question.

STORIES ON STAGRAM versus REELS: Which one is more well-liked and more engaged?

Instagram reels are the straightforward solution. Instagram reels are an extraordinary method for getting commitment and be on the highest point of the Instagram moving rundown.

Hootsuite conducted a new study and found that Instagram reels are more effective than posts and videos in increasing followers. Hootsuite found that reels brought about an emotional expansion in devotees inside only 1-3 days.

Posting videos or other types of content increased engagement and the number of followers, but not nearly as much as posting reels did. Hootsuite says that Instagram reels can get more views if they are reshared on stories.

Let’s move on to Later’s study of how people interact with Instagram reels. The study by Later reveals how engagement is affected by Instagram reels. This is in response to the sudden decrease of 44% in engagement on feed posts that occurred shortly after the reels feature was introduced.

We looked at the most recent Google trends to see what people are interested in in Instagram stories and reels. Over time, Instagram reels have become the most searched-for topic. However, search interest in Instagram stories is decreasing.