Responsible for real-time transmissions

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Responsible for real-time transmissions

The second type of track I wanted to try was a live transfer track. I think it’s a great concept and a very effective way to generate leads and increase inquiries.

Basically I was sitting at my desk waiting for the main company to give me their clients over the phone. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. The problem was that there was no guarantee that I would answer the phone. I worked in an office with ten other loan officers and when I left the office they would answer my voicemail and if I didn’t answer the phone the prospect would hang up.

There is no need to elaborate, I think you understood that live broadcasts can sometimes be a real disaster. Once again, I felt like I was working harder, not smarter.

Before investing in mortgage lenders, be sure to do your homework. Read the company’s “Terms of Service,” find out their return policy, call and speak with a representative, and request a free trial. Does this include a free benefit or some kind of credit for your first deposit? If they are confident in the quality of their contacts, they should have no problem finding your way.

I have had and know loan officers who have had success in all of the main scenarios above. Some may work for you, some may not. But remember: If you’re working too hard to make a lead work for you, consider a different type of lead!