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RSS Ego Search

Ego Search is a free and simple search engine for tracking blogs and news articles that mention your company, products, competitors or other keywords. Ego research not only keeps you informed, but also helps you maintain your competitive advantage over rival companies. There are many free online services available that make “ego searching” painless and easy.

Evolution of keywords based on RSS feeds, updates in RSS readers or news aggregators, whenever new information containing the keyword appears in the search engine. Power feeds integrate new applications because they come online in real time. The following free services allow you to browse RSS feeds.

Google News Search
Google news by keyword and click on the “RSS” link and save the RSS feed URL in your news reader. When a new article and keyword appears in the Google News feed in the RSS reader, they are automatically updated.

Find out what’s being said about your product, company or industry in the blogosphere. Do a keyword or URL search on BlogPulse. Click the orange RSS icon above the search results and save the feed to your reader. Every time a keyword appears on a blog indexed by BlogPulse, you will receive a new feed from your readers. Another feature of BlogPulse is dynamic keyword matching, which provides a visual representation that makes it easier to spot trends. If you take a look at the
line image you will find more details on the blog.

PubSub Search for
keywords, then save a feed and add it to your RSS reader using the images provided. Optionally, PubSub lets you target your search to find only entries of specific interest, including news reports, SEC/EDGAR archives, news articles, or blog posts