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Ruby developers

developers are in love with Ruby for many good reasons. It’s designed to be user-friendly and extremely user-friendly, so it’s no wonder Ruby is often described as “a programmer’s best friend”.

With Ruby, you would expect smaller, easier-to-read code. This can be an issue when it comes to lower performance than other programming languages, but it also means higher performance.

If you are new to web development, Ruby would be a good choice as the first programming language to learn.Well-written Ruby code can be almost as easy to read as a plain English sentence.

However, the main reason for using Ruby is the famous Ruby on Rails framework that we talked about earlier in this article. The high level of productivity that can be achieved with Rails makes it a popular option for companies looking to get started efficiently.


Elixir was first released in 2011 and quickly gained popularity. It was the inspiration for Erlang, an ancient language developed by Ericsson in the 1980s.Elixir creator Jose Valim himself said he liked Erlang, but also noted areas that could be improved.


Scala is short for Scalable Language and is one of many “rewriting Java” initiatives; and is designed for use on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It’s safe to say that this programming language has been very successful, with companies like LinkedIn, Twitter, and The Guardian using it in their codebases. Scala is considered a complicated language, but it is also an interesting language to learn.

This important 3-hour lesson can be a good starting point for your trip in Scala.

The activities of transferring information between devices and computers are often referred to as protocols.


Thanks to this protocol, any website is accessible from the browser. The protocol requests the website through Google’s servers and receives a response with the website’s HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes.