Search engine optimization is a dying science

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Search engine optimization, like search engines, is a dying science. Your skills show that you can solve your customer’s problem.

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List is worth its weight in gold and can ultimately provide you with a steady stream of income. You can build a larger, more responsive customer base by communicating with your “people” regularly, providing valuable information, and occasionally making suggestions to stay on your list.

Actually, I think creating a good list is the most important reason for website development. After all, if people find your site, read your information, and then move on to the next site, you could be completely missing out on a great opportunity to build relationships with your potential customers.

What is the best way to create a list? I teach over 100 tips for building a huge list, but the key is to offer something of value up front in exchange for email referrals. In other words, give your gift and then come back. If it’s a standout value, make it much easier for your visitor to take the next step and sign up. If they’re not interested, you haven’t lost anything and you may have helped your visitor a little.

COACH QUESTION: What can you suggest to start building your list?
Some Offers: Free Reports, E-Magazine Subscriptions, Audio Files, Free Lessons: These are common offers, but you can get really creative!

QUESTION FROM THE INSTRUCTOR: How do you show your talent?
Don’t assume people will jump at anything for free. You have to sell. Think about your topic and the interests you want to highlight. I asked a friend what to say in an eHarmony ad. com. He thought about this issue for hours and guided me in my thoughts. Even though he wasn’t an advertising executive, he knew the benefits of highlighting and using an essay headline, even for a personal ad!