SEO Optimization: Get the right keyword density

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SEO Optimization: Get the right keyword density

It was always about standing out. People dress up or do something out of the ordinary to stand out or make a statement. To be successful in life or in business, you have to be at the top, at the forefront. Currently, the World Wide Web mostly works on the same principles.

Given the strong competition between websites, articles and e-commerce websites, it is the positioning of the website in search engines that makes one of them more effective than the others. The higher the ranking, the more visits or traffic on the website. To achieve a higher position, websites use SEO optimization strategy and the content is written to contain dense keywords.

It’s not so easy to use the words over and over again. You need to know which keywords are relevant to your website and pages. After creating your master list, ensure the following:

• Match the keyword tag to the content. Make sure your keyword meta tag is around 900 characters or 25 words.• Make sure your keyword density is between 3 and 10%. And avoid using the same word more than once in a sentence. Check keyword validators to determine the exact density percentage.

• Try to make the most of the top half of the page. Many search engine bots do not exceed 25-50%.• Be smart and write keywords with conjugations and include plurals too.